Password by SMS for EEVI

                                                                Instead of using Safeword hardtokens there is a way to authenticate strongly

                                                                towards Ericsson with passwords sent by SMS to your mobilephone.
                                                                Click on the link below to generate a password
                                                                to your mobilephone and use it for authentication to any system protected by strong
                                                                authentication(Safeword) at Ericsson.

                                                                Note, SMS for RVI is no longer supported.
                                                                A password will be sent to you during the login sequence to that service if you choose
                                                                "Safeword-SMS" as strong authentication method.

                                                                                                   Click Here To Generate a Password

                                                                    [ERICSSON INTRANET for use after approval only. Unauthorized access attempts may lead to prosecution]