Password by SMS for EEVI

                                                                Instead of using Safeword hardtokens there is a way to authenticate strongly

                                                                towards Ericsson with passwords sent by SMS to your mobilephone.
                                                                For this to work you need to order an account in GORDON.
                                                                This even if you already have a Hard or a Softtoken. The product is called "MOBILEPASS SMS".

                                                                Once you've done this you can go click on the link below to generate a password
                                                                to your mobilephone and use it for authentication to any system protected by strong
                                                                authentication(Safeword) at Ericsson.

                                                                Note, SMS for RVI is no longer supported.
                                                                A password will be sent to you during the login sequence to that service if you choose
                                                                "Safeword-SMS" as strong authentication method.

                                                                                                   Click Here To Generate a Password

                                                                    [ERICSSON INTRANET for use after approval only. Unauthorized access attempts may lead to prosecution]